Playing better with more fun. Table tennis is a fast and skillful sport. Spin and speed are most important and everybody - top player and beginner - enjoys the game more with bats using good rubber, sponge and wood. The better material, the faster your game improves!

Schildkrot has developed a host of innovative features with which the various series of rackets are equipped to increase fun and performance.

The Schildkrot Easy Choice System makes it very easy for every player to choose between the large selection of rackets available and identify the product that is most suited to his particular playing ability and technical skills.  The „Easy Choice System“ divides the players in eight levels of skill, from level 100 (beginner) to 7000 (very advanced player). Better materials and the correct combination of  rubbers, sponge and wood will improve fun and skill considerably and permit more advanced playing techniques with each higher level of racket as quickly identified by the Schildkrot Easy Choice System.