Carbon Technology

Table tennis bats made of Carbon present a very important innovation in table tennis. For the first time in the table tennis history the wooden bat has been replaced by the new material. The carbon bats are harder and more twist-resistant than the traditional bats made of wood, and thus, offer an increased return of energy which means more power and a more dynamic game.

Carbon Layers

Carbon layers in the plywood make the blade stiffer and enlarge the sweet spot. These blades produce less vibrations and offer a higher basic speed. The feel is considerably harder and more direct, the result is a lot of power and precision.
Suitable for offensive players with high demands.

Anti Vibration System (AVS)

The Anti-Vibration-System is a shock-absorbing system developed by Schildkröt. AVS offers improved ball control and reduced vibrations caused by the impact energy of the ball due to two special shock-absorbing soft layers laminated between blade and handle. As a result, AVS increases the accuracy of shots for both the defensive and the offensive style of play.

Adjustable Balance Point (ABP)

The ABP allows an individual adjustment of the balance point of the bat to suit individual styles of play. Head balanced: weight distribution towards the head of the bat offering more striking power for an offencive style of play. Handle balanced: weight is distributed closer to the handle of the bat allowing more accurate shots and ball slicing for a controlled style of play. Simply turn, pull, and adjust!

Cork Handle

The shock-absorbing cork handles always lie perfectly in your hand, even with wet hands. They ensure a perfect grip and an optimum control.

Anti Shock Grip (ASG)

Due to the use of shock-absorbing foam covers the Anti Shock Grip is an allround dampened grip system.Vibrations are substantially reduced which results in a comfortable playing feel with a better control. Thus the handle lies extremely well in the hand, without any feeling of pressure. Moreover, the foam overgrips are sweat absorbent and allow a firm and safe hold.

Power Light System (PLS)

The hollow handle of the Power Light System reduces the total weight of the blade and transfers the centre of gravity towards the head of the blade, thus offering much more power and speed while maintaining excellent feel.

Ergonomic Handle

The Ergo handle fits anatomically perfect to the hand, handle and bat feel to be one! The rounded shape of the Ergo part avoids pressure in the hand and provides a particularly comfortable and pleasant handle feel.

Quick Rubber Change (QRC)

The unique Schildkröt QRC system is designed to replace and upgrade rubber and sponge within seconds. Simply pull the old one off and stick on the new one. The QRC system avoids cleaning off old sponge and rubber leftovers on the blade as well as gluing and cutting new rubbers.