Table tennis novelties – available now

The new Ovtcharov 3000 table tennis racket is now available in stores. In addition to this novelty, Donic-Schildkröt presents the new Persson 600 gift set, 1 bat Persson 600 cork (1,8mm prestige ITTF sponge, ergo handle) high quality bat cover for one bat with ball case, box of 3x 3* Avantgarde Poly 40+ balls, in blister and the new Champs 400 set, 2 bats Champs 400 (1,5mm sponge, Jade ITTF-rubber, concave handle), 2 high quality single-bat covers with zipper, 4x 1* Elite Poly 40+ Balls (2 white, 2 yellow), likewise in blister. Both sets are perfect for recreational and hobby use.