With CarboTec Donic-Schildkröt presents a very important innovation in table tennis. For the first time in the table tennis history the wooden bat has been replaced by carbon. The CarboTec bat is harder and more twist-resistant than the traditional bat made of wood, and thus, offers an increased return of energy, which means more power and a more dynamic game.

With the Legends Line, Donic-Schildkröt, as a leading table tennis manufacturer, is assuming environmental and social responsibility by using FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) certified wood.

A top line of bats dedicated to Jan-Ove Waldner, the legendary Donic player and many times World Champion. All bats are specially suitable for attacking players. Most of them with additional features like ABP (Adjustable Balance Point) and ERGO (ergonomic handle).

Players of various National Teams as e.g. Olivier Brice (France), Li Ping (China) and Jakub Dyjas (Poland) are sponsored by Donic. The Top Team line is dedicated to those players and contains many of our technologies such as PLS (Power Light
System), AVS (Anti Vibe System) and ERGO handle.

The Sensation Line comes with the special Anti Shock Grip (ASG) feature. ASG is a dampened grip system for a pleasant feel with greatly reduced vibrations. The foam overgrips also absorb sweat and allows a firm grip with a lot of comfort even in a long match.

This line has been developed in close collaboration with many times World Champion, Jörgen Persson. The cork handles give a comfortable feeling and provide a perfect hold with an improved ball control.

With the Protection Line the fraying of racket coverings is no longer a problem. The special edge tape protects not only wood and rubber, but also the whole racket covering from being plucked or removed by children. That way the racket covering will remain undamaged for a longer period of time especially in schools and club sports!

Donic is sponsoring many young, promising players all around the world. Joao Geraldo (Portugal) and Samuel Walker (England) are excellent examples of the promotion of young players by Donic. Joao Geraldo is European Champion 2014 (Team), European Games 2015. Sam Walker is an English National Team Player and English Vice-Champion in Men‘s Single 2018.

The Alltec rackets are  new innovative products from hard high-tech plastics with molded rubbers. Excellent playability and most comfortable handling. Extremely durable, shock- and absolutely weatherproof with ergonomically designed and slip-resistance grips. Also ideal for playing outdoors.