Carbotec 900, concave

Level 900 bat for sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed, convave. Type of player: Allround+.

  • Material: 20% Carbon
  • Handle: concave
  • Rubber: Champion-QRC
  • Sponge: 1,9mm



Table tennis bats made of Carbon present a very important innovation in table tennis. For the first time in the table tennis history the wooden bat has been replaced by the new material. The carbon bats are harder and more twist-resistant than the traditional bats made of wood, and thus, offer an increased return of energy which means more power and a more dynamic game.

Quick Rubber Change

The unique Schildkröt QRC system is designed to replace and upgrade rubber and sponge within seconds. Simply pull the old one off and stick on the new one. The QRC system avoids cleaning off old sponge and rubber leftovers on the blade as well as gluing and cutting new rubbers.