Donic Top Team 700

Level 700 bat for advanced playing techniques with spin and average speed. Type of player: Allround.

  • Wood: Tactic (5T)
  • Handle: concave
  • Rubber: Donic***
  • Sponge: 1,8mm


ERGO Griff

The Ergo handle fits anatomically perfect to the hand, handle and bat feel to be one! The rounded shape of the Ergo part avoids pressure in the hand and provides a particularly comfortable and pleasant handle feel.

Anti Vibration System

The Anti-Vibration-System is a shock-absorbing system developed by Schildkröt. AVS offers improved ball control and reduced vibrations caused by the impact energy of the ball due to two special shock-absorbing soft layers laminated between blade and handle. As a result, AVS increases the accuracy of shots for both the defensive and the offensive style of play.